We work for a better world withstanding against all human rights violations in the educational field. Broken Chalk is a global movement with a fast-growing community in many countries who campaign to remove barriers of education.

To work and to remove the barriers to education in the world; To bring together individuals, groups, communities, and organizations working on this issue; To collaborate with educators around the world to create community-based solutions and to act as a catalyst in creating a sustainable change.

Who We Are

We aim to help people who faced human rights violations across the globe in the educational field.

what we do

We are aiming to be the voice of those who faced human rights violations at the scope of education in the world for them to overcome their challenges.

where we are

Where there is a violation of human rights on education.

What you can do

Inform us about human rights violations in your region, donate, write a letter, sign a petition, become our volunteer.


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Educational Challenges in Qatar

Written By Anna Moneta Qatar’s history Qatar, once a modest Gulf state, has undergone a remarkable transformation into a global economic powerhouse, largely attributed to the discovery and exploitation of
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Human rights impact of business enterprises in the occupied Palestinian territory

Written by Aurelia Bejenari, Francisca Orrego Galarce, Leyang Fu and Maria Popova This report is a Submission to United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the
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Press Release International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Learning Left Behind: Post-COVID Struggles of Children with Disabilities in Education Roughly 240 million children, constituting one in every ten worldwide, live with disabilities. Regrettably, these children frequently encounter barriers
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Safe Schools Declaration and Guidelines on Military Use

Written by Gianna Chen The endorsement of Safe Schools Declarations and Guidelines on Military Use is an international collaboration effort to protect education from attack. It consists of proposals and
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Press Release Slavery

Press Release: International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Unmasking Modern-Day Slavery in Congo and Sudan December 2, 2023 The world we live in is adorned with technological marvels that can disguise a terrifying reality—the pervasive existence of modern-day
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France has recently banned Abayas in French schools

Written by Yehia Murad and Kamye Boblet-Ledoyen The Problem On September 7th 2023, the Conseil d’Etat, France’s highest court of administrative law, affirmed the Ministry of National Education and Youth’s
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International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Written by Benjamin Koponen, Caren Thomas & Zina Sabbagh Palestine’s Educational Landscape Amid the recent escalations in Gaza, Bisan Owda, a journalist from the area, begins most of her interviews
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Press Release: Breaking Barriers. Broken Chalk’s Call for an Immediate Ceasefire and Self-Determination on this year’s International Day of Solidarity for Palestinians

As we reflect on this historic November 29th, marking 76 years since the UN partition plan, the world must stand united in solidarity with the Palestinian people, recognising their inherent
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Current issues in Turkish prisons submitted to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture

By Carolina Silvestre, Dimitrios Chasouras, María Núñez Fontán, Olimpia Guidi, Samantha Orozco, Vahit Uzunlar Through this report, our organisation aims to address current issues and promote good practices in prison
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Challenges in the Finnish Education System

Written by Enes Gisi Finland has impressed many other nations with its exceptionally high in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) scores. It is a test designed to evaluate the
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Educational Challenges in Cape Verde: Navigating the Problems of a Developing Educational System

Written by Joan Vilalta Flo Cape Verde is a country located 500 kilometers away from the coast of Senegal, Africa. It is an archipelago of ten islands, most of which
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Press Release: Addressing the Silent Crisis. Broken Chalk Calls for the Acknowledgement of Violence Against Women and Girls and its Impact on Education

November 25, 2023 In a world where 1 out of 3 women globally have experienced physical or sexual violence, where, every hour, five women are killed by someone in their
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As of January 2016, 243,750 people had fled the violence in Central African Republic (CAR) and become refugees in Cameroon. 

UN Women Cameroon supports economic and social rehabilitation for vulnerable women and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in seven refugee camps in three regions of the country.

Pictured:  Girls wait to pump water at a well within the Ngam refugee camp. There are constant lines at the water points, and places in line are held by pots and buckets.

Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

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Female Genital Mutilation and its Effects on Education

Written by Juliana Campos, Nadia Annous and Maria Popova. FGM, or the full-term Female Genital Mutilation is a practice performed on women and young girls involving removal or injury to
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12 May 2012, Herat, Afghanistan : From right Parisa Rahmati (16), Marzia Rahman (18), Maria Gami (16) and Muzhgam Saddiqi (17) study in the library at the Female Experimental High School in Herat. The school is benefitting from the Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP)whose objective is to increase access to quality basic education, especially for girls. School grants and teacher training programs are strengthened by support from communities and private providers. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank

Afghanistan: Gender Inequality in Education

Written by Juliana Campos and Derin Erk.  The Taliban Government and Women’s Rights After over two years under Taliban rule, Afghan women continue to endure profound challenges: limited mobility and
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Educational Challenges in the United States of America

Written by Dimitrios Chasouras & Jimena Villot Lopez  Introduction The United States of America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with a GDP of $25 trillion as
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Flag of Bhutan

Educational Challenges in Bhutan

Written by Shrila Kanth. Bhutan is a small country that lies between India and China, nestling the Himalayas. Although the nation’s international presence was obscure for decades, ruled by the
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Educational Challenges faced in Bulgaria

Written by Dyuti Khulbe Nestled amidst a variety of landscapes- from the mountain chains of Stara Planina, a natural dividing line running west to east, with over 40,000 cultural heritage
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Education Monitor: Around The Globe between the 1st and 15th of September, 2023

Broken Chalk proudly presents the twelfth edition of “Education Monitor: Around the Globe” between 1st and 15th of September, 2023. Broken Chalk aims with this letter to increase public awareness of 
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Sümeyye Tercanoğlu

Unveiling Human Rights Violations: The Targeting of Gülen Movement Followers in Turkey

By Anna Moneta In October 2023, Sümeyye Tercanoğlu and her husband, a Turkish Gulen teacher, faced conviction for suspected affiliation with the Gulen movement. The allegations centred around their purported
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Detention of Ismet Ozcelik Extended by 10 Months

By Aneta Orlowska The case of Ismet Ozcelik, a Turkish national, has once again highlighted the concerns surrounding justice and the legal profession in Turkey. Ozcelik, an academic who has
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