20 December UN International Human Solidarity Day in Amsterdam

20 December 2019 / Amsterdam

Today, we are gathered regarding 20 December United Nations Humanitarian Solidarity Day. As International Broken Chalk Platform, we are hereby to be the voice of all educators, students and all humanity who have been deprived of their lives as a result of pressures or wars, who have not been able to reach equal and quality education in the world, who cannot live in peace and justice, who have been prisoned unlawfully, who have been subjected to torture, and who have lost their lives as a result of pressu res or wars.

In all around the world, millions of people have been forced to leave their countries as a result of many unlawfulness and wars, where all these people started to live as refugees in the countries that they apply for asylum. In recent years, thousands of Turkish educators and other professionals, including us, have been forced to become refugees in Europe and other countries as a result of the oppression of Erdogan regime.

Turkey’s Erdogan Regime has put into practice its aimed dictatorial regime with more confidence day by day with the help of the so-called coup attempt on 15 July and the State of Emergency, which are followed by many unjust practices. By violating the principle of separation of powers, impartiality and independence of the jurisdiction, the Erdogan Regime desires to control all the opponents, especially Kurds, Alevis, Liberals and Hizmet movement.

There are 54 documented, suspicious death incidents in prisons. Those were apparently caused by torture and lack of medical care. For instance, Gökhan Açıkkollu died under detention due to torture. His medication was not provided, and the images of his death were published on social media.

Due to unlawful and injustice practices of the current government, hundreds and thousands of people had to leave their country illegally by risking their lives. However, there are many people lost their lives during their journeys across the Aegean Sea and Evros River

As a result of unlawful and fascist practices of the Erdogan regime, 780 babies are kept in prison together with their mothers. In addition, there are thousands of babies and children struggling for life under difficult conditions due to both mothers’ and fathers’ are prisoned at the same time.

Since 2016, there have been 29 abduction incidents in Turkey so far. However, abductions operated by Erdogan Regime are not limited to the borders of Turkey; they have been others targeting the educators living abroad. The Turkish Foreign Minister has been boastful about the abduction of 100 people from 18 countries by the Turkish National Intelligence Agency. These people are known to have been exposed to severe torture. Teachers and other professionals have been abducted in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Bulgaria, Gabon, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan and Qatar.

In the past, Turkey’s Erdogan regime, who wants to be the member of the European Union, labelled people as terrorist to those who were helping people and put those people in prison. And also today, people are found guilty and are imprisoned just because they are helping people by the same regime.

Changing the conditions of today’s world – particularly difficult conditions that we come across in Turkey, announcing these to humanity and ensuring the rule of law is only possible through the solidarity of the humanity.

Broken Chalk /NEDERLAND – @BrokenChalkNL


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