2022 Enlargement Package: European Commission Assesses Reforms in the Western Balkans and Turkey, Recommends Candidate Status for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Written by Joseph Kamanga

The European Commission has adopted its 2022 Enlargement Package, which evaluates the progress made by the Western Balkans and Turkey on their path toward EU membership. The Commission recommends granting candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina, contingent upon their implementation of measures to strengthen democracy, uphold the rule of law, combat corruption, and safeguard media freedom.

State of the EU: MEPs debate about the EU’s most immediate challenges. Photo by European Parliament

The Commission highlights the significance of EU enlargement as a long-term investment in peace and stability. Montenegro needs to address rule of law concerns, while Serbia should establish a government committed to EU reforms. Albania and North Macedonia must intensify their efforts in upholding the rule of law, combating corruption, and fighting organized crime.

Kosovo should enhance democracy and combat corruption, while Serbia and Kosovo are expected to engage in constructive dialogue to normalize their relations. Turkey needs to address concerns regarding democracy, the rule of law, and fundamental rights, while respecting the sovereignty of EU member states.

The Council will now assess the Commission’s recommendations and decide on the subsequent actions to be taken.

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