8 Mart 2020 / AMSTERDAM

Since July 15, 2016, Turkey’s already fraying democratic mechanisms have reached the brink of collapse due to the administration’s collective persecution of all political opponents and critics. In the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in 2016, the Turkish government arrested, detained, sacked, and tortured hundreds of thousands of innocent people without due process in the arbitrary name of rooting out “terrorism.”
The government’s heavy-handed persecution has reached the lives of thousands of women, along with their infants and children in many cases. The current administration uses arbitrary arrests and lengthy pretrial detentions to imprison courageous women who have opposed oppression in their own capacity. Today, the number of women arbitrarily incarcerated as political prisoners stands at more than 11,000 with a staggering increase in the number of new victims. Among those persecuted are more than 780 mothers who have been imprisoned with their infants and numerous others who have been violently separated from their children. In Turkey, imprisoned women, and prisoners of conscience in particular, live in unsanitary prisons and are denied their rights to nutritional food, access to basic and complex healthcare, and feminine hygiene products.

We,as Broken Chalk Platform, stand for the rights of the women victims of the ongoing persecution in Turkey. We demand the freedom of innocent women jailed in Turkey and the protection of the rights of incarcerated women.
On this day, March 8, we proclaim our sincerest support for #IWD2020 as human rights advocates concerned for women’s rights in Turkey and the rest of the world. Along with millions of others united in spirit on International Women’s Day, we demand an equal and enabled world for women.


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