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CASE OF TURAN AND OTHERS v. TURKEY – a summary of the case

The case highlighted applications mainly concern the arrest and pre-trial detention of the applicants – all of whom were sitting as judges or prosecutors at different types and/or levels of
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A dishonourable shame – How the disappearences of teachers and educators spell the complete lack of honour and respect for teachers and educators in Turkey

In every individual’s life education and the learning of value systems contributes to a critical part of the development of an individual. Values teaches individuals habits, manners, appropriate behavior, respect
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Double speak – the hypocrisy of EU’s woeful lack of recognition of pathetic treatment of refugees

The European Union is largely recognized to be a successful union of 27 member states. All the 27 member states have the right to free movement of goods, services, people,
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Turkey Tribunal judges concluded that “the acts of Turkish Government, could amount to crimes against humanity”

On 24th September 2021, the Judges who formed a part of the Turkey tribunal gave their final judgment on the situation of the freedom of the press, abductions, impunity, judicial
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AMENDMENT PROPOSALS for the DRAFT REPORT on the 2019-2020 Commission Reports on Turkey (2019/2176(INI))

To Download PDF: EP_Turkey_Report_2020_BrokenChalk_Amendment_Proposal To Download Word: EP_Turkey_Report_2020_BrokenChalk_Amendment_Proposal To download the original DRAFT REPORT on the 2019-2020 Commission Reports on Turkey (2019/2176(INI))   Broken Chalk is a human rights organization
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 8 Mart 2020 / AMSTERDAM Since July 15, 2016, Turkey’s already fraying democratic mechanisms have reached the brink of collapse due to the administration’s collective persecution of all political opponents
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Broken Chalk: Not Only Prepare the Reports but Also Follow Them Up

As Broken Chalk volunteers, we did not only submit the reports but also followed up. Our actions were, We attended the 35th UPR Pre-Session Turkey in December 2019 in Geneva.
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20 December UN International Human Solidarity Day in Amsterdam

20 December 2019 / Amsterdam Today, we are gathered regarding 20 December United Nations Humanitarian Solidarity Day. As International Broken Chalk Platform, we are hereby to be the voice of
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