Input for report on child and youth human rights defenders

Written by Caren Thomas, Ioana-Sorina Alexa and Luna Plet.

This report is a Submission to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on on child and youth human rights defenders in The Netherlands.

Have child and young human rights defenders played an active role in the civil society of your country?

Yes. There are many examples of such child and young human rights defender initiatives, including but not limited to the following:

The Dutch National Youth Council1 (Nationale Jeugdraad) focuses on educational rights and advocates for fair treatment, quality education, and equal opportunities. They also advocate for meaningful youth participation in sustainable development and climate change. The organisation has run its program for almost 20 years and is one of the most robust youth representations at a formal international level.

Youth Climate Movement2 (Jonge Klimaatbeweging – JKB) was the first youth organisation to negotiate for the Dutch Climate Agreement and even integrated elements of the Youth Climate Agenda into the Climate Agreement. Several JKB-initiated resolutions on climate regulation have been adopted in Parliament.

Youth for Human Rights in the Netherlands3 (Jongeren voor Mensenrechten Nederland) is part of the International Youth for Human Rights movement. They focus on education and awareness initiatives to promote understanding and respect for human rights among young people.

Youth for Climate the Netherlands4 organised a major climate strike in Utrecht in May 2023.

For the first time, youth representatives were invited to share their views regarding urgent challenges young people face during forming a new Dutch cabinet in spring 2021. They were organised as Coalition-Y and the Jongeren Denktank Corona crisis.

You can download the full report in this link.



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