Universal Periodic Review of Tunisia

Broken Chalk recommends that the government of Tunisia to address the high rate of school dropout, the high rates of repetition, disparities in access to, retention in, and the quality of schools. In the last cycle Tunisia received 248 recommendations, accepted 189 of those and 6% focused on quality education (SDG 4).

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Submission to the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations Human Rights Council: Tunisia

Broken Chalk is a non-profit organisation that focuses on developing each country’s educational system to improve the level of human rights on the global level. Therefore, this report will focus on education. By drafting this report, Broken Chalk intends to assist with Tunisia’s fourth Universal Periodic Review (UPR). First, the report will analyse the most important issues that Tunisia faces regarding the Right to Education. Then, it will shed light on some issues that should be solved through the Tunisian Ministry of Education. And finally, Broken Chalk will provide a few recommendations to Tunisia to further ameliorate in the field of education.

By Faical Al Azib

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