Universal Periodic Review of Burkina Faso

  • Broken Chalk has prepared this report to contribute to the 4th Universal Periodic Review(UPR) of Burkina Faso. Broken Chalk is an Amsterdam-based NGO focused on human rights violations in education. Since the organisation’s primary mission is to fight inequalities and improve the quality of education worldwide, this report focuses on human rights, specifically education.
  • The report will first explore the main problems in the educational field in Burkina Faso, including information on what recommendations Burkina Faso received in the 3rd cycle UN UPR review in 2018 and the actions are taken to improve education. Then Broken Chalk offers some practical suggestions to Burkina Faso to enhance human rights in education further.
  • In the last review, Burkina Faso received 204 recommendations, and it supported 184 recommendations focused on the legal and general framework of implementation, universal and cross-cutting issues, civil and political rights, economic, social, and cultural rights, women’s rights, and rights of other vulnerable groups and persons. These recommendations will help Broken Chalk evaluate how Burkina Faso is performing according to the goals it set in 2017.
  • Quality education is a vital pillar of our society. It enables long-term growth and development, helps the integration of minorities and foreigners and shapes the future of the young ones in the community. Education in Burkina Faso has a very similar structure to the rest of the world, primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education. The academic year in Burkina Faso runs from October to July. The Education Act means that schooling is compulsory between 6 and 15, but unfortunately, this is only sometimes enforced. The education system is based on the French model, and the French language is taught in all Burkina Faso schools. According to Worldorld Bank, it is notable that approximately 56% of youth have no formal education and 16% of youth have attained at most incomplete primary education, meaning that in total, 72% indicating that 15-24 years old have not completed primary education in Burkina Faso.
by Ruth Lakica

Cover image by Priad123456789 on Wikimedia Commons.

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