Universal Periodic Review of Mali

The Malian education system

  1. Education in Mali is free, compulsory between the ages of 7, and 16 or until the end of the ninth grade Primary education is the first six years, and the last six years are divided into two three-year cycles of secondary education. [i]
  2. To continue with the second level of secondary education, students take an exam called Diplôme d’études fondamentales at the end of the ninth grade.[ii]
  3. At the end of grade 12, students sit for an exam called the Baccalauréat, which is required to pass in order to graduate. From there, students may attend an institute of tertiary education.

Budget on Education

  1. In 2020, the Malian state budget for education amounted to USD 637.3 million. Only 13% of the national budget was allocated to the construction of classrooms and 4.8% to the acquisition of teaching materials. [iii]

Overview of the previous UN UPR cycle

  1. In its national report prepared for the 2017 UN UPR, Mali particularly emphasized the significant development in the education sector because of implementation of the Ten-Year Educational Development Programme, the Education Sector Investment Programme. [iv]
  2. The Malian Government has continued to strengthen vocational education, including with the support of the international community through the implementation of several projects and programmes, including the Youth Employment Programme and the Ten-Year Vocational Training for Employment Programme. [v]
  3. In the previous UPR cycle, Mali received 194 recommendations and accepted 187. Sixteen of the recommendation was regarding the right to education. Five percent of the recommendations was on Quality of the Education. Mali supported all of those recommendations.[vi]

By Ramazan Ince

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