Universal Periodic Review of Monaco

  • Broken Chalk has drafted the following report as a stakeholder contribution to the 4th cycle of the 45th session of the Universal Periodic Review [UPR]. As Broken Chalk’s primary focus as an organisation is to combat human rights violations within the educational sphere, this report and the following recommendations will be related to the Right to Education.
  • During the previous Cycle of the UPR, Monaco has supported 72 out of 113 received recommendations, noted 35, and has not expressed its position on six other recommendations. Five suggestions are directly concerned with the Right to Education, and Monaco has supported all of them. Recommendation 76.31 urges Monaco to take action to ensure equal access to education. Recommendation 76.34 advocates for strengthening access to education at all levels for girls and young women. Recommendation 76.35 refers to integrating deaf-mute and visually impaired persons and their specific needs into the Monegasque educational system. Last but not least, recommendations 76.32 and 76.33 advise Monaco to take further legal measures to strengthen the right to education for children who are not Monegasque citizens and to guarantee access to education for all children, irrespective of their nationality.
  • The Permanent Representative of Monaco to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Carole Lanteri, has expressed deep commitment and attachment to the promotion and protection of human rights and the Universal Periodic Review and has noted equal access to education and care for all children who live in Monaco, without any discrimination based on gender or age.

By Aurelia Bejenari

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