Universal Periodic Review of Serbia

  • This report has been prepared by Broken Chalk to contribute to the 4th Universal Periodic Review [UPR] of Serbia. Broken Chalk is an Amsterdam-based NGO focused on human rights violations in the field of education. Since the organisation’s main mission is to fight inequalities and improve the quality of education worldwide, this report focuses on human rights specifically with regards to education.
  • The report will firstly explore the main problems in the educational field in Serbia, including information on what recommendations Serbia received in the 3rd cycle UN UPR review in 2018 and what actions they have taken to improve education. It offers a comprehensive set of recommendations for Serbia based on experience, research and best practices that can help the country to further improve human rights in the educational sphere.
  • Serbia was last reviewed in 2018, during the 3rd UPR cycle, where it received 190 recommendations and supported 175 of those. 8% of the recommendations focused on quality education, Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals [SDG]. In addition, 41% of the recommendations dealt with justice and strong institutions (SDG 16), 17% with gender equality (SDG 5) and another 17% with reducing inequalities (SDG 10). These can all be linked to education and ensuring human rights in that field.
  • In February 2021, Serbia submitted a voluntary midterm report to illustrate its improvement and progress on human rights and the implementation of the 3rd cycle recommendations.
  • Serbia ranked 63rd out of the 191 participating countries on the Human Development Index in 2021, thereby classifying as “very high” on the human development classification.[i] According to the Human Rights Measurement Initiative’s tracker, Serbia is doing 89% of what it could possibly do when it comes to ensuring the right to education considering the country’s level of income.[ii]

by Olga Ruiz Pilato & Réka Gyaraki

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[i] United Nations. (n.d.). Human Development Index Serbia

[ii] Human Rights Measurement Initiative Rights Tracker. (n.d.). Serbia

Cover image by Terry Feuerborn on Flickr.

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