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What You Can Do

Inform us about human rights violations in your region, donate, write a letter, sign a petition, become our volunteer or work with us.

Become a Volunteer

Most of the time, Broken Chalk needs more than an action. We will work more effectively with the volunteers. Volunteers are one of the essential pillars of Broken Chalk. You may become a volunteer, even sacrificing one hour in a week from yourself. That will have an impact on Broken Chalk.

Work With Us

Your work is not for Broken Chalk; it is for a better world. Freedom, Justice, and Equality in Education. Broken Chalk needs the young activist as its part. You will work for human rights by hoping for a better world, and it will improve the lives of students and teachers through campaigning and international solidarity. If you are passionate about human rights and want to use your skills and experience to improve the service of Broken Chalk, then we have the right role for you.