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Become a Volunteer


Broken Chalk does all her activities with volunteers. We have over 20 volunteers supporting the work that we do. With the invaluable contributions of our volunteers, we are fighting against human rights violations more effectively.
Most of the time, Broken Chalk needs more than an action. We will work more effectively with the volunteers. Volunteers are one of the essential pillars of Broken Chalk. You may become a volunteer, even sacrificing one hour in a week from yourself. That will have an impact on Broken Chalk.

From time to time, we will inform you of what you can do to protect human rights.
You will witness your impact on society.
Guide us with your ideas and thoughts.
Our volunteers’ actions put pressure on governments, institutions, and decision-makers to do the right thing.

If you want to Stand against Human Rights Violations, Please fill and submit the following form.
With you we can stand more stronger