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“It is worth fighting for even one child’s life.”

-Mrs. Marianna Vardinoyannis, Mandela Prize Laureate 2020


Stand against Human Rights Violations

Education is in danger in several different parts of the Globe. The attacks are
wide-reaching from the bombing of schools to the murdering of students and
teachers. Raping and sexual violence, arbitrary arrests, and forced recruitment
also occurred, instigated by armed groups.


Broken Chalk makes violations visible and puts pressure

Broken Chalk investigates the violence in Education and makes awareness in the World.
We do this through collaborating with stakeholders, preparing reports, press
releases, lobby, promotions, and campaigns. Broken Chalk supports local
organizations, stakeholders, and activists who stand against human rights
violations in Education in their community.


Your donation makes a difference…

With your contribution, we can do more research, take more actions and save our future
generation more. Do not think with my little support what can be done. It means
a lot for the people who can not make their voice hearable. Education is in
danger in several different parts of the World.


“Education comes first in the fight against Human Rights Violations