How to fill Horizon Europe Programme Standard Application Form

Main components and highlights

The application form is composed of Part A, and Part B. Part A provides the general information on the project and its partners, and Part B is the narrative of the complete project proposal. Part A and Part B of the Application form are also divided into sections, one of them providing information on a different aspect of the project. Below are listed all the project proposal requirements, as per each part and section.

Part A:

It is based on the information entered by the participants through the submission system in the Funding & Tenders Portal.

Section 1General information

This section includes the general information of the project at the beginning, such as title, acronym, duration, and keywords. The abstract will be provided in this part, as well as Mandatory Declarations will be filled in this section. It can be completed only by contact with the project coordinator.

Section 2-  Participants

This section provides the list of participating organizations, as registered or validated in the central registry of organizations of the European Commission, linked to the given PIC number. In this section will be completed the information for the coordinator, including address, Departments carrying out the proposed work, Main contact person, Researchers involved in the proposal (together with their career stage, identifier, and Role), Role of the organization in the project, five publications, five previous relevant projects, Significant infrastructure and if a gender management plan will be taken into account.

Section 3 – Budget of the proposals

Section 3 indicates the project’s costs, where each participant’s estimated eligible costs are foreseen. The eligible costs for each participant can be covered by Eu contribution, income generated by the action, or other recourses that should be specified in the budget table. The estimated reasonable prices include personnel, purchases, subcontracting, and other expenses.

Section 4 – Ethics and Security

The ethics and security section includes a table of ethics issues and another table of security issues that do or do not concern our proposal. At the end of both tables, in case of any specific problems concerns our proposal, additional information should be provided in a special section.

Section 5 – Other questions

This section is designed for the 2-stage applications and should be completed in case of a substantial difference between the stage 1 and stage 2 project proposal, considering differences in budget, approach and partnership composition.

Part B

Section 1 – Excellence

In this first sub-section, the objectives and ambitions of the proposed work should be described. Objectives should be in line with the program topic, as well as measurable and verifiable.

  • The 1.2 sub-section within the Excellence includes the description of the Methodology. The Methodology should include the approach, as well as the detailed tasks and work packages under ‘Implementation’. It should consider previews researches, methods of different disciplines to be in use of our approach, reusability of data, data management.

Section 2 – Impact

This section is dedicated to designing the pathways to achieve the expected outcomes and impacts specified in the work program as well as their measurement.

2.1       In the first sub-section, the outcomes should be described. At the same time, the wider impacts, in the longer term, should also be included. In this part, any potential risk should be taken into account.

2.2       Measures to maximize impact – Dissemination, exploitation, and communication –
The planned measures to maximize the impact of the project by providing a first version of the ‘plan for the dissemination and exploitation including communication activities should be described. Intellectual property rights should be considered during communication.

2.3       A summary of the section should be as well provided through the canvas, that makes a connection of the project’s needs, expected results, and measures to be taken for results achievement. In addition, there is a canvas dedicated to the logical framework that connects Target groups, outcomes, and Impact.


Section 3 – Quality and efficiency of the implementation

3.1  The sub-section of the third section, is dedicated to the detailed project’s activities plans. There will be provided information on the brief overall structure of the work plan; timing of the different work packages, graphical presentation of the components, a list of work packages, a description of each work package and deliverables, staff effort.

The description should be detailed, including mistletoes and risks.

This part as well should cover a justification description for the costs of the activities, that fall under “subcontracting” and “other costs” categories.

3.2  In this part, the description of the consortium should be provided. How does it match the project’s objectives, and bring together the necessary disciplinary and inter-disciplinary knowledge?


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