Is Küçüközyiğit also a victim of an abduction?

Turkey was first confronted with incidents of abductions in the 1990s and unfortunately, in recent years, cases of forced abduction have started to come to the fore again. In a report * titled “Police Torture and Abductions in Turkey” of 2017, Human Rights Watch stated that the state officials did not speak out about the kidnapping, and the evidence obtained was horrifying.

Huseyin Galip Küçüközyiğit, the former Prime Ministry Rapporteur, is missing since December 29, 2020. Küçüközyiğit’s car is also missing.

Küçüközyiğit and Abdullah Gul, former President of Turkey

His family is worried that he might have been kidnapped. Nursena Küçüközyiğit, daughter of Küçüközyiğit , said that they applied to Police and CİMER, but did not receive any feedback. Nursena opened a Twitter account as @NeredeBabam, where is my father, and expecting support from the public.

Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, who brought the issue to the agenda, stated that the incident could be a new kidnapping. Posting on his Twitter account, Gergerlioğlu said, “ Another abduction case again? Hüseyin Galip Küçüközyiğit, former Prime Minister’s reporter, has not been reached since Tuesday, December 29th. No news can be heard after he said on the phone that he will go to Kocaeli with his daughters for New Year’s Eve from Ankara. What happened? ” asked.

Rebacca Harms, human rights defender and Green Member of EUParliament 2004-2019 re-tweet Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu’s tweet and ask Where is Hüseyin Galip Küçüközyiğit? in English, in German, in French, and in Italian languages.

Küçüközyiğit’s daughter said

“In our last meeting, he said that he would come to us for New Year’s Eve on Wednesday morning at 15.40. We could not reach your phone again. Although I applied to the police the first 2-3 days ago, I did not write on social media, just in case, but we still cannot reach it.

There is no possibility that my father will not inform us for such a long time after he says I am coming to you. I have read similar incidents on social media about the Statutory Decrees. I do not have any witnesses or images of his abduction. However, it is not possible for us to remain unaware of that long. He did not have any health problems either; he was not in a hospital or in detention. Unfortunately, I cannot think of another possibility. At first, I thought I should expect a big accusation, but I do not want to be late for such a possibility. Anyway, my main question is where my father is. Unfortunately, I cannot find an interlocutor on the subject. That is why I decided to announce it on social media. “**


Küçüközyiğit and her daughter

As Broken Chalk, we ask the Turkish Government to do all the necessary investigation of Küçüközyiğit’s disappearance. And ask all the human rights defenders and organizations to follow the Küçüközyiğit’s case to pressure the authorities for them to do all necessary acts.

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