Press Release: OCTOBER 5 WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY With the theme “Teachers at the heart of education recovery.”


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Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic, many education systems still face significant disruptions. Students and teachers in more than 50 countries continue to be affected by the total or partial school closure. But whether students are learning face-to-face or remotely, teachers are at the center of the process. Education is at the center of building human capital. Although teaching is the utmost important job, they are underpaid.  Adequate payment is not the only problem they are facing.

Today, we celebrate the extraordinary dedication and courage of all teachers and their capacity to adapt and innovate under very challenging and uncertain conditions. They are at the center of global education improvement efforts and play a key role in accelerating progress towards an inclusive, equitable, and quality education for every student, in all circumstances.


According to research carried out among teaching unions in more than 30 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America by Education International.[1]


  • There is a rise in profit-making, low-fee private schools, mainly in Africa and Latin America, which pay low teacher salaries and compromise quality as operating expenditures are brought down as much as possible to maximize profits.
  • According to 50 percent of the unions; Violence in the classroom is making teaching unsafe.
  • The mass media promotes “either a negative or a very negative attitude” towards teachers, according to 39 percent of the unions.
  • Only one in three teachers report having access to continuing professional and leadership development (CPLD), and three-quarters see the CPLD they receive as poor quality.

Today, education is under attack in many countries. The attacks range from the bombing of schools to the killing of students and teachers. Rape and sexual violence, arbitrary arrests, and forced recruitment also occurred, instigated by armed groups. Attacks on education harm the students and teachers, but they also affect the communities in the short and long term.


To mention a few of these from many, [2]

  • More than 22,000 students, teachers, and academics were injured, killed, or harmed in attacks on education during armed conflict or insecurity over the past five years.
  • Between 2015 and 2019, 93 countries experienced at least one reported attack on education, marking an increase of 19 affected countries, up from 74 countries in the previous reporting period of 2013-2017.
  • Attacks on higher education were reported in 73 countries. Law enforcement, military forces, or pro-government armed groups used excessive, even lethal, force to disperse university students and staff protesting on campuses or over education-related grievances, primarily in situations of insecurity.


As Broken Chalk, we want to take the attention of the international, national human rights organizations, human rights defenders, stakeholders, educational foundations, and associations into the challenges of  Teachers In Turkey.  The teachers from Turkey have been facing human rights violations from their Government for a long time now. Turkish Government has taken the lives of the teachers, their families. Being tortured and losing their jobs are among that educators have been suffering. Teachers have been exposed to torture, put in prison, exiled, and lost their lives.


  • According to the data compiled by the Union of Education (Eğitim-Sen), Government dismissed 41,005 educators, including 33,965 teachers, 5,740 academic personnel, 1,300 administrative staff at educational facilities.[3]
  • Moreover, the Government revoked the teaching licenses of more than 23,464 teachers, who used to work for the private schools affiliated with the Gülen movement.[4]
  • One thousand sixty-nine private schools, 1550 university preparation schools, 301 private study centers, sixteen private universities were closed. [5]
  • The Turkish Foreign Minister has been boastful about the abduction of around 100 educators from 18 countries by the Turkish National Intelligence Agency.[6]


Due to unlawful and injustice practices of the current Government in Turkey, society’s oppression, cancellation of teachers’ diplomas, work permits, and passports, hundreds of thousands of people had to leave their country illegally by risking their lives. Unfortunately, some of them, including babies and children, lost their lives during their journeys across the Aegean Sea and Evros River.


As Broken Chalk,

  • We urge the governments to honor the teachers for their commitments to quality education and ensure students have the trained, qualified and empowered teachers they deserve.
  • We asked the Governments and armed groups to end attacks on education and refrain from using schools and universities for military purposes.
  • We asked the Turkish Government to give all the rights of Teachers back.


We continue to claim the rights of teachers through the national and international judiciary. We want to draw the attention of governments, stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, and human rights defenders to fight against the Human Rights Violations which educators are facing.


We wish all the teachers in the world a Happy World Teachers’ Day!

Broken Chalk announces it to the public with due respect.

Broken Chalk*


*Broken Chalk is a human rights organization and mainly concentrates on violations in the educational field.




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