Press Release: Stop abducting people illegally.

Fatih Keskin, the Turkish citizen, and director of Richmond Park Bihac College, who has been carrying on his education and training activities in Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 15 years, was first summoned to Una-Sana Canton Police Station and then taken to the Immigration Center and taken into custody.

Fatih Keskin, who could not be explained why he was arrested even by the arrestors, was subjected to maltreatment in a cold environment without heating in severe winter conditions. It is against international human rights to be subjected to maltreatment that is not worthy of human dignity.

We know that hundreds of Turkish citizens that are members of the Hizmet movement have been abducted and tortured after July 15, 2016 by Erdogan regime both in Turkey and abroad. Educator Fatih Keskin, who worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 15 years, is also demanded to be subjected to abduction by the Turkish government’s witch hunt with similar procedures as other abductions. We hope that the administration and the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be the object of the Erdogan regime.

As International Broken Chalk Association, we invite Bosnia and Herzegovina’s administration and judiciary to comply with its own constitutions and international law, and we demand that Fatih Keskin be released as soon as possible.

We also hope that the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the European Court of Human Rights, and other organizations and human rights defenders will be the followers of the unlawfulness suffered by Fatih Keskin and will make the necessary initiatives.

As Broken Chalk, we will follow the issue.

Sincerely announced to the public.

Signed by Broken Chalk

5th December 2019.

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