Press Release: Terror Attack in Nice

As the Broken Chalk Platform, we strongly condemn the tragic attack in Nice, France. We share the innocents’ sorrows who lost their lives in the attack.


These and similar events have again revealed that radical motivations are a severe threat to humanity. It is a fact that the attack in question targets the peace and tranquility of humanity.


It is unacceptable that these and similar radically motivated groups carried out their actions in Islam’s name.

Police officers walk in front of the Notre Dame church before a mass to pay tribute to the victims of the knife attack in Nice. Photograph: Eric Gaillard/Reuters

We believe the negative atmosphere that has been created by this sad incident can only be overcome with a common-sense attitude.


While it is mentioned that all religions, languages, colors, and people of different nationalities can live together with their differences, world peace, tolerance, love, and universal human values, the terror incident in France deeply saddened us.


We hope that common sense and peace will dominate the world of the future, not dark thoughts.


We call every one of the public members to condemn the Nice attack without any ifs and buts.


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