Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation

International Day of Education (January 24, 2021) with theme Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation. 24th Jan. 2021 Time: 19:00 – 21:00 (CET)

Without quality education and lifelong learning for all, we will not succeed in addressing the challenges of our world. This requires investment, coordination, and multilateralism; rethinking what and how we learn, with those who are on the frontlines and will be the actors and citizens of tomorrow: teachers and young people. – Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General


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Professor Emeritus in English with 60 years in education, and author of Gulen’s Dialogue on Education: A Caravanserai of Ideas. In 1986, I authored “Thomas Jefferson of Turkey[TURKIYE’ NIN THOMAS JEFFERSON’I.]” Turing[ISTANBUL] ED. YAYIN MUDURU [ISTANBUL]: TURKIYE TURING VE OTOMOBIL KURUMU, 1986, SAYI 75/354, 1986, p, 101-113. An article in Turkish about Chelik Gulersoy and dealing with the restoration of Osmanli Architecture from Bolu to the Greek border.

From 2010 to 2015, Gage chaired the International Youth Platform for the Gūlen Institute of Houston, TX., with awards to secondary school winners of writing presented in the U.S. Congress.

In addition to my academic career as a Business, Management, and Organization specialist, I also worked as a University Manager. In addition, I worked as an education manager with Mathematics Teacher for many years.



Professor of education and culture has a Ph.D. in “values education” with the background of bachelor’s degree as a Sociologist. In his teachings, training, researches, and publications, he specifically focuses on pedagogy, values, and society. Has taught in different countries, in multicultural societies, and got overseas experiences.


I did my undergraduate education at Anadolu University Preschool Teaching. I completed my master’s degree in Gaziantep University Psychological Counseling and Guidance.  I also received Family Counseling Training at two different universities.  Afterward, I received training in sexual, play, relationship therapy, sexual abuse, solution-oriented counseling, special education, picture interpretation, application of objective tests, family, life, and student coaching, and I applied these to both parents and students in my professional life.  I held both professional and managerial positions for 10 years.  I am currently studying software development and yoga expertise.  I am a columnist for a local newspaper.  I am also writing a book for adults with the theme “Love and Compassion” and writing children’s stories about “bringing universal values ​​to children”.

I have previously researched the “effect of divorce on children and family”.  Last month, I made a presentation at an international program “The secret of success” as the main guest in an international program.  Also in 2016 the psychology of women who are forced to emigrate from Turkey, “I want to write a doctoral thesis about and I want to continue my education in this field.

He thought in high school and college-level computer science in various classes in Tanzania, South Africa, Turkey, Mozambique, and the United States. He currently lives in the United States of America and besides giving computer lessons in High School and University, he provides technical support to other trainers by doing Educational Technology Coaching.



Since 1993, he has worked in educational institutions abroad.



Yusuf Incetas, Ph.D., was born into a Turkish Gastarbeiter family in Germany. He started elementary school there but later finished his secondary and college education in Turkey. He lived and worked in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and the United States. After serving in the U.S. army, he worked as a certified public school teacher in Illinois, taught English as a second language at Harvard University, and pursued a career as a Turkish language instructor at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. He currently holds an associate professor of education position at Heritage University, the only higher education institution founded on Yakama Nation land. He has a Ph.D. in secondary and continuing education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has a cat named Groot.


Get his BSc. Mathematics from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Work as a school leader and teacher for 15 years in Ghana, Iraq, and Nigeria. After moving to the Netherlands takes three different IT courses and today work as a System Engineer at Fujitsu, Netherlands. Dedicated his life to fighting against Human Rights Violations.


  • Dr. Yunus Karaca
  • Germany
  • Corona’s d psycho-sociological wave effect on education

I graduated with a biology education. I worked as a teacher project coordinator for many years. I worked as an academician in a private university for 2 years and 4 years at the state university. We have projects in NASA and other international institutions and works with patent applications.



Thrived on helping people from diverse backgrounds to create new opportunities in their career path by using counseling skills and flourishing their strengths with the help of positive psychology.
Muavviz believes in promoting environmental awareness, living environmentally friendly, and targeting to reach universal sustainability goals, global citizen

Hakan Gök studied Physics at Middle East Technical University between 1990-1995. He worked as a physics teacher in many countries. He completed his Master’s and Doctorate education in England. His doctorate on “The Greatness of God in Risale-i Nur”, which he completed at the University of Durham, was published in the United States as a book titled “Atheism or Theism: The Perspective of Said Nursi”
Hakan Gök taught at Mevlana University, Turkey for three years. He is currently working at Leeds Beckett University in England.

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