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I wish you to be safe. I wish you are not at risk of being jailed without concrete evidence or tortured by police for weeks or threatened with your loved ones. I didn’t even mention being fired in an unexplained letter, the confiscation of your money and all your assets in the bank, the cancellation of your passport and work permit, the branding as a traitor. If you, as an ordinary citizen, experienced it all overnight, at first glance you would think it must have been a nightmare.

About one million and five thousand people have had these nightmares for more than five years. These people are punished and labeled as members of an armed terrorist organization in Turkey. Really, who are they? Terrorists or victims? Turkey Tribunal seeks the truth with all its transparency.

The Turkish State is invited to Turkey Tribunal, but they neither responded nor participated in this invitation. It is not a surprise. The interlocutors are not the Turkish media, the blind executive, legislative and judicial powers in Turkey, or the police agencies dependent on the Erdogan regime. Instead of; previous member of the Scientific Committee at the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, previous judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, vice-president of International Advocacy and Litigation at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, vice-president of the Administrative Court of the Council of Europe, associate professor at the Faculty of Law and Institute of Political Sciences at the University of Strasbourg and more are independent addressees. Unlike many judges and policies Erdogan has bought in Turkey, none of them will be paid for their contributions to the tribunal or five days, lawyers, judges, human activists, educators, academics, journalists, and more will be the voice of thousands of victims in Turkey and stand up against human rights violations. They will share how they were severely and illegally tortured. Electric shocks, Palestinian hanging, robbery, excessive beatings, and enforced disappearances in police custody… Johan Heymans, who is active in the League for Human Rights, Johan Heymans reveals the events in Turkey with evidence-based reports. These reports coincide with witness statements.


Johan Heymans


What if your government regime labels you as a member of an armed terrorist organization overnight? As evidence, they use not any weapons but your licensed books at home, your account in a bank named Bank Asya, the name of the school your children attend, and the newspaper you read. But what if you liked your country, spent most of your effort contributing to your country, and were associated with treason simply because you disagree with the opinions of politicians?

What if you were a prestigious worldwide academic, educator, journalist, or the like, stood up for human rights for all, and were imprisoned without any legal documents? What if your government regime sends its units to illegally smuggle its citizens abroad?

All this is discussed with evidence and witnesses. As stated, the Turkish Government is still invited, the authorities are silent. They are silent because they have committed crimes. What about us? We can stand up for rights. “Because silence is the greatest enemy of fundamental human rights.”

Broken Chalk

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