The State of Impunity in Turkey Today

The human rights violations in Turkey is rapidly increasing in recent years. Because of that reason, the International Observatory of Human Rights has taken the initiative to set up a “Turkey Tribunal.” The Tribunal is not a legally binding body. But the ruling of the Tribunal will have high moral authority.[1]

A Flemish initiative assembled an international panel of judges in Geneva and presented it with human rights violations in Turkey. The initiative is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Johan Vande Lanotte, professor at the University of Ghent, who at the end of the 1980s was one of the first in the Flanders region in Belgium to give a fully-fledged Human Rights course.[2]

Turkey Tribunal is organizing a webinar for public awareness. The third one will be State of Impunity in Turkey Today.

The speakers that include the authors of the report, real witnesses, legal and human rights experts will be discussing the finding of the story that answer two main questions:

1. Is there an internal system of preventing and monitoring torture or mistreatment, and if yes, how does it function in reality?

2. Is there an efficient system of sanctioning possible torture or mistreatment, or can we speak of organized impunity towards torture or abuse against people held in detention?

It is possible to join the webinar from the following link

To get more information on Turkey Tribunal with this link. 



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