Turkish Government continues to grab, Educator Orhan Inandi, opponents abroad

Turkish Goverment continues to grab opponents abroad

Orhan Inandi, a Turkish-born Kyrgyz citizen who used to head a network of Gulen-linked schools in Kyrgyzstan, went missing on June 1.

The disappearance of a Turkish teacher in Kyrgyzstan, on June 1, was a reminder that the long arm of Turkey’s secret services continues to reach and abduct scores of the country’s citizens abroad.

The kidnappings and forced renditions over the last five years have mostly targeted suspected supporters of Fethullah Gulen, the Muslim preacher whom Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for a failed coup against him in 2016.

Turkey has boasted that its secret service masterminded some of the cloak and dagger operations, with the justice minister saying 107 “traitors” had been captured abroad by 2019.

A report earlier this year by Freedom House maintained Erdogan has pursued his “perceived enemies in at least 31 different countries.”[1]

Orhan Inandi, a Turkish-born Kyrgyz citizen who used to head a network of Gulen-linked schools in Kyrgyzstan, went missing on June 1. His car was found near his home with the door open, tyres flat and with the teacher’s phone and jacket still inside.

While around a thousand members of Kyrgyz security forces searched for him, his wife claimed he was being held inside the Turkish consulate in Bishkek. However, even as hundreds of protestors gathered in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital, their country’s president  Sadyr Japarov was visiting Erdogan in Ankara  on Wednesday and agreeing that the Gulen movement “poses a national security threat to both countries”.


Erdogan Says Turkish Agents Abducted Educational Leader In Kyrgyzstan For Alleged Coup Ties

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Turkish intelligence agents abducted a Turkish-Kyrgyz educator whose disappearance from Bishkek last month triggered protests and concern about the man’s safety.

Orhan Inandi, the head of Sapat educational network in Kyrgyzstan, disappeared in the Kyrgyz capital late on May 31 under mysterious circumstances.

His car was found in downtown Bishkek early the next day with the doors wide open and valuable items still inside. His wife suggested he was being held at the Turkish Embassy.

The Turkish government accuses Inandi of links to the Gulen movement, which it considers a terrorist organization responsible for a failed 2016 coup attempt.
Speaking after a cabinet meeting, Erdogan said the country’s MIT intelligence agency had captured Inandi and brought him to Turkey.


“As a result of genuine and patient work, MIT has brought a top Central Asian leader of FETO, Orhan Inandi, to our country to face justice,” Erdogan said, referring to the Gulen movement.
He added that to date more than 100 people with alleged links to the Gulen movement had been abducted from countries around the world and brought to Turkey.[2]

Situation with abduction of Orhan Inandi disgraceful for special service of Kyrgyzstan, MPs say

AKIPRESS.COM – “It is disgrace for our special services that allowed other special service to do what they want in our country,” MP Dastan Bekeshev said in comments about kidnapping of Sapat education network President Orhan Inandi, national of Kyrgyzstan, by Turkish national intelligence.

“This demonstrates the level of our special service. We don’t have counter-intelligence,” he said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should react to the situation, the lawmaker stated.

“Probably, it will be quiet in Kyrgyzstan despite such violations, but the international community will see where and who we are and who directs us. Nobody will conduct any special operation and bring him back. I am convinced our country won’t insist on his return,” MP Bekeshev suggested.

Vice Speaker Aida Kasymalieva said this is a blatant and sad story for Kyrgyzstan and relgations with Turkey.

“This is the issue of sovereignty of the country, dignity of the country. This concerns every citizen. Not all can understand how such thing could happen and slam the authorities. Of course, people think they were cheated as Orhan Inandi was abducted and brought to Turkey,” the Vice Speaker said.

“As parliamentarians we will demand investigation, involvement of international experts and organizations. The Foreign Ministry should not keep silent. Orhan Inandi is national of Kyrgyzstan. The state should bear responsibility for each citizen of Kyrgyzstan,” Vice Speaker Kasymalieva stressed.[3]

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