Universal Periodic Review of Liechtenstein

  • This report was drafted by Broken Chalk to contribute to the fourth Universal Periodic Review [UPR] of Liechtenstein. Broken Chalk is an Amsterdam-based NGO focused on human rights violations in the field of education. Since Broken Chalk is an organization fighting inequalities and improving the quality of education worldwide, this report focuses on human rights, especially with regard to education.
  • This report first explores the main issues in education in Liechtenstein, the recommendations Liechtenstein received in the last review and its progress since 2018. Then, Broken Chalk offers some practical recommendations to Liechtenstein to further improve human rights in education.
  • In the last UPR cycle of 2018, Liechtenstein received 126 recommendations, out of which it accepted 84. Out of these recommendations 6%, meaning 4 recommendations, were linked to the 4th goal of the Sustainable Development Goals [SDG], namely ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.[i]
  • Quality education is a vital pillar of society: it enables long-term growth and development, helps minorities and foreigners’ integration, and shapes future society.
  • The HMRI Rights Tracker of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative assesses how well a country could be using its financial resources when it comes to multiple factors. These factors include quality of life, one subsection being education, safety from the state, and empowerment. Unfortunately, there is no available data about Liechtenstein on the HRMI Rights Tracker. Therefore, one cannot assess if Liechtenstein’s performance in education is rated ‘very bad’, ‘bad’, ‘fair’ or ‘good’.[ii]

by Vivien Kretz

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Cover image from Adam Stone on Wikimedia Commons.

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