As incredible measures were issued to suffocate these schools, High school diplomas of the successful bureaucrats became a heavy burden for them. 3  Because human resources departments were busy with issuing lists of personnel who had been graduated from these schools. Language skills of Bureaucrats were a sign that they could be a Gulen school graduate. Prime Ministry’s office issued a circular to all ministries and institutions on 2nd February 2016, 4 ordering to determine all personnel linked to illegal bodies which seemed legal. This statement was the first of its kind in bureaucratic and legislative history, because nobody knew what “illegal bodies which seemed legal” meant. But the message was received and, in every ministry and government institution, employees graduated from these schools were moved to passive positions. They were not sent to foreign positions or given tasks abroad. Later they were suspended from their positions and as a further step they were discharged from their positions by administrative orders without being charged with any specific accusation. These personnel were not also given any chance to defend themselves5 because there was not any concrete accusation to anyone. Against all the existing rules and regulations, they were also banned from entering the facilities they worked. As it was impossible for any court to justify these decisions,6 Erdogan came up with a fake coup attempt idea. Right after this comedy scenario, lists of government employees were published in the Official Gazette. Tens of thousands of officials from every ministry and institution were dismissed instantly by these lists. The below excerpt is taken from (Country Policy and Information Note- Turkey Gülenist Movement, K Home Office, February 2018).

-2.4.5 Following the coup attempt, there was a large number of arrests, detentions and dismissals from jobs as the government took measures against those suspected of involvement in the Gülenist movement. In August 2017, it was estimated that 150,000 people had been suspended or sacked from government posts since the coup attempt; approximately 114,000 were dismissed from their posts. Those dismissed include around 4,000 judges and prosecutors, 30,000 teachers and professors, 3,000 soldiers and 24,000 police officers. It is reported that the Government publishes lists of those who will lose their jobs following the coup attempt on the ‘ResmiGazete’ (Official Gazette) website. Arrest warrants continue to be issued

“Yamanlar Koleji Mezunlar Derneği” Association of Yamanlar High School Graduates was also banned by a presidential decree 7 , like so many other associations and civil society organizations.


To get the Full Report from UN website Please click the link.

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