Press Release: Purge-victim deputy chief police officer Kabakçıoğlu found dead in a quarantine cell in a Turkish prison.

On behalf of the Broken Chalk members, Broken Chalk President Ramazan Ince made the English statement on 25th October in Amsterdam.


On 13 April, the Turkish Parliament passed a law it enabled the early release of up to 90,000 prisoners. But far too many people, including teachers, journalists, lawyers, police officers, army people, opposition politicians and activists, others who did not commit any crime other than being affiliated with groups the regime sees as political threats left behind the bars.[1], [2] Mustafa Kabakçıoğlu, a deputy chief police officer,  was among the prisoners who were not released. Kabakçıoğlu was in prison for the last four years and was accused of donating 5 Turkish Liras ( less than one euro) to a charity organization[3].

Mustafa Kabakçıoğlu was put in a quarantine cell since he started coughing on August 20. Mustafa Kabakçıoğlu died in a solitary confinement cell in Gümüşhane Prison on August 29, 2020, in Turkey [4]. The prison officers reportedly found him sitting alone on a white plastic chair with his head dropped to the back. The pictures released after his death from his quarantine cell summarize the inhuman conditions of the prisons in Turkey.[5]


In her efforts to defend human rights, Broken Chalk calls the Turkish authorities to investigate the case urgently, to find the truths behind Kabakçıoğlu’s death.

Turkey’s Justice Ministry has been withholding information from the public about the numbers of COVID-19 patients in the country’s prisons. Meanwhile, experts note that cases have been surging across correctional facilities, with both inmates and workers getting sick.[6]


Today in Turkey’s prison, according to the statement done by IHD, there are 1333 sick prisoners, 457 of which are in severe conditions.[7]


We call all national/international human rights organizations and human rights defenders to stand against all Turkish prisons’ inhuman treatments and not have the same experience.

Kabakçıoğlu’s death was not the first in Turkish prisons, but with your voice, it can be last.

We call every one of you to raise your voice for the death of Kabakçıoğlu for preventing new cases happen in Turkey.

Broken Chalk announces it to the public with due respect.


Signed by

Broken Chalk


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