Halt an understanding


The intention of Halt:

A promising future for every young person… by learning from mistakes and making them right. Young people learn by investigating and exploring boundaries. Sometimes they go too far. Cross-border behavior poses a threat to a promising future. Knowing your limits and acting on them is important for a promising future.


Halt therefore wants to help young people to prevent mistakes, let them learn from mistakes and give them the opportunity to correct mistakes once made. This has helped young people themselves, but also victims of transgressive behavior and society in the broadest sense.


Vision of Halt:


Halt is active where young people are active. Stop is therefore:

  • In connection  with both the justice chain and the local youth partners: schools, neighborhood teams, youth institutions and sports associations.


  • In development  to provide increasingly better tailor-made solutions, aimed at the problems of the young person and the impact that the young person’s behavior has on victims and society.


  • In control by professional employees and good business operations.


Children’s rights collective:

Halt is a partner of the Children’s Rights Collective. The Children’s Rights Collective monitors the implementation and compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in the Netherlands, in law, policy and practice. Together we stand up for children’s rights.


Why go to halt?:

The young people seek assistance from halt because many a times they do not know what to do when a line is crossed. Crossing a line may look small. However, a combination of activities and the number of times line is crossed may have a significant impact on the youth and may normalize criminal behaviour among them. Halt deals with solution to criminalization of youth and the crossing of boundaries.


How does the Halt penalty work?:

The Halt penalty is a penalty tailored to the offense or offense and to the young person. The number of hours the punishment lasts depends on a number of points such as age and the seriousness of the situation.

A Halt penalty can consist of the following parts:

  • Conversations between young person, parents and the Halt employee.
  • Creating learning assignments.
  • Offering apologies.
  • Compensate for any damage.
  • A work order.
  • Practicing (social) knowledge.
  • Decrease of the signalling instrument.


Consequences of the Halt penalty?

A positively completed Halt sentence is not included in the judicial documentation. A young person therefore does not get a ‘criminal record’. If a young person refuses a Halt sentence or does not comply with his agreements, he is usually fined. A number of public order violations can also result in judicial documentation (a criminal record) when this fine is accepted. Think of rowdyness, public drunkenness and the possession of alcohol, for example.


Police records

Although the Halt sentence does not provide judicial documentation, the offense and the imposition of the Halt sentence are recorded in the police records (even if a young person refuses a Halt sentence). Usually the police keep the data about the Halt sentence for five years.


Registration Halt

Halt registers personal data* of parent(s), juveniles and others involved in the Halt sentence, in order to be able to properly implement it. If necessary, Halt shares personal data of parents and young people with organizations with which Halt collaborates, such as the police, the Public Prosecution Service and the Council for Child Protection. Halt adheres to privacy regulations both when registering and when sharing information with other organizations. Halt does not store the data for more than five years.

* Personal data is all data that can be traced back to a person. For example: name, address and telephone number, but also the name and date of birth of parents. This data is stored digitally. Halt does not record more data than is necessary.


Declaration of Good Conduct (VOG)

When a young person successfully completes his Halt sentence, there is no problem in getting a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). You may sometimes need a VOG for a job or education. However, there are training courses, internships and jobs for which the police must conduct an investigation (screening). Think of training as a security guard or flight attendant, or an internship or job with the police or Marechaussee. During a screening, the chief of police may consider the Halt sentence in his decision. He then looks at the criminal offense, the circumstances under which the offense was committed, the chance of repetition and recent personal developments.

It is incorrect if a study program states on its website or in the brochure that a young person will not be admitted if he/she has had a Halt sentence. This is because a decision must be made by the chief of police (see above). Please note: sometimes this consideration can lead to a refusal. If you are refused a course, internship or job and you do not agree with this, you can object.


Refer to help

During the Halt penalty, the Halt employee investigates whether there is more to it. This is done on the basis of a nationally developed and recognized signaling list. Does a young person suffer from depression after the divorce of his parents or because he is transsexual and does not feel recognized at school? Is extra help needed because the family is in a difficult financial situation and therefore experiences a lot of stress? Does a young person often use drugs or alcohol? In such cases, Halt, together with the young person and parents (or other caregivers), can look for suitable help and initiate it, for example the neighborhood team. If care is already involved with the young person or the family, Halt will coordinate with this care provider. In case of serious concerns, we start the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Reporting Code and we have consulted with Safe Home.


Role of parents

Parents and educators are important at Halt. That is why Halt looks together with them to see what is needed to let their child learn from the (cross-border) behaviour. A good relationship between parent and child contributes to a positive development of young people. Especially when young people cross a border, parental involvement is indispensable. That is why Halt involves parents in the Halt sentence. They are present at conversations. But they also support their child during the Halt sentence, for example by offering an apology.

Halt supports parents in their role as educators. By giving parents more responsibility and strengthening their parenting skills. This contributes to a long-term positive development of the young person. After all, parents remain involved in their child’s life. If more help is needed, Halt and parents can look into additional help, for example from the neighbourhood team.


Importance of parent involvement

Research shows that strengthening parental involvement and parenting skills can help prevent criminal behavior among young people. It is important to involve parents at an early stage. As a young person gets older, the influence of friends, school attendance and leisure activities also increases .

Problems with parenting skills, such as little supervision and poor communication between parents and child, can increase the chance of criminal behavior. That is why it is good to look at how we can strengthen the parenting skills of parents.


Our approach with parents

During the Halt sentence, we want to empower parents to take responsibility and influence their child’s behavior. The approach is that we stand next to parents and together we look at what is necessary for their child. How does Halt do this?

  • Halt usually involves parents in the start, apology and final meeting.
  • Parents are involved in parts of the Halt punishment, for example in making the teaching assignments.
  • Parents support their child in offering an apology and are also involved in a recovery interview.
  • With the Parents on Turn method, parents use “cause cards” to talk to their child. They discuss why the child has done something criminal. And they make a plan that they want to work on together.
  • If necessary, a Halt employee will speak separately with parents in a parent meeting. Then there is more room to discuss sensitive topics.




For all further information on the organization Halt please refer the link: https://www.halt.nl/.


Article by – Aniruddh Rajendran


Societies Need New Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity

Humans need to treat each other with mercy and ensure that peace is encouraged in societies to solve the problems of racism and ethnicity. If people come up with common values so that each member knows what to expect of each other or have some shared principles by which to resolve differences without resolving to violence, this world would be a better place, racism and ethnicity wouldn’t exist among human beings. Societies should have values that binds them together, encourage the spirit of friendship and brother hood among people to make this world free from racism and ethnicity.

Tolerance and dialogue can also help in solving the problems that arise due to racism and ethnicity. Societies need to have peaceful exchange of ideas for them to come up with positive solutions that can resolve differences without violence. Tolerance safeguards against persecutions and evils that are necessarily associated with ethnicity and racism. Hate and curse should be discouraged and peace and harmony among people in societies be encouraged.

Power hungry people should not be made leaders as they sometimes make decisions that negatively impact others in societies thereby encouraging racism and ethnicity. Rather people who are relatively grounded, reasonably self-aware and do not take things or themselves too seriously or don’t change in a bad way are the ones with the best chance of leading successfully. Power hungry people get carried away with their desires and do not consider other people’s views. They do not like to be criticized and are of the perception that they are always right. This cause disunion among people and encourages greediness. Greedy people destroy societies.
Recognizing human dignity in people plays a very big role in curbing racism and ethnicity. This makes people to respect and honor each other’s values. Respect for human rights can help people to understand each other in societies. Human rights bring people together because they are inherent to human beings of all nationalities, sex, ethnic groups, and races. These human rights are interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

People should also be sensitized on racism and ethnicity and encourage victims to be reporting issues of racism to authorities or to speak up. If people in societies are aware of how to deal with racism, they stand a better chance in addressing the issues when encountered.

A bad expected behavior cannot be changed or fixed by hating or announcing it an enemy. Hate bears hate. Moving from on this path the damages of racism and ethnocentrism ca be more and more by having a distance and calling “the others”. Because the racist and ethnocentrist also call “the others”. Instead of having a distance, need to build bridges to avoid the disunity and prevent the problems which can be caused among the relations.

When people live in harmony, recognize the contributions that each person make to societies, appreciate each other’s contributions towards issues that affect societies and recognize that we are all on this planet together and that we stand to gain more when we work together rather than against each other. Racism and ethnicity can be avoided if love for humanity is practiced. Societies would be united regardless of race end ethnic groups and wars and conflicts would be avoided. We should all try to follow the golden rule that encourage us to do onto others as we would want them to do onto us as the saying goes “if you live in glass house, do not throw stones at others”.

by Prof Dr. Ibrahim Kurt

published at
Societies Need New Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity: Societies in Harmony (Religious Context)
June 2021 · International Journal Ihya Ulum al-Din 23(1):79-88
DOI: · 10.21580/ihya.23.1.7765
License· CC BY-SA 4.0
to have the full article please click the link


لوح يف موعزملا بلاقنلاا یكرت ا (15 ویلوی/زومت 2016م) يفحص رمتؤم

يفحص رمتؤم
لوح يف موعزملا بلاقنلاا یكرت ا (15 ویلوی/زومت 2016م)
يف ثدح 15 ویلوی/زومت 2016 بلاقنا ةلواحم ةیكرتلا ةیروھمجلاب م
يركسع كربفم تم التخطیط لھ وتنفیذه غد ًرا، دقو ضرعت ھببسب ت عیمج
تاعاطق عمتجملا ىلإ تاكاھتنا ةیقوقح ةفلتخم . فقد ُع لز ریثكلا و ن نم
،مھفئاظو وأ غل تی حیرصت تاداھشو مھرفس تازاوجو مھلمع تا
مھجرخت ، لاقتعلاا تایلمع بناجب يرسقلا سبحلاو ضرعتلاو عشبلأ
بیذعتلا عاونأ عمقلاو .نوجسلا يف . يتلا تاكاھتنلاا هذھل ةجیتنو
اھل نوضرعتی قو دقف ع راحتنلااو ةافولا تلااح نم دیدعلا مھنیب يف
نوجسلا . لاو يف ةرمتسم اھل نوضرعتی يتلا ةیمدلآا ریغ ةلماعملا لازت
يدارفنلاا سبحلا ةسدكتملا ةیعامجلا نوجسلا يفو ریغ الملائمة صحی
ًا في ضا ط ىلإ ریثكلا رار
دقو ا تناك ایكرت يف ناسنلإا قوقح تاكاھتن سبب
نم نورفی امنیبو .مھدلاب ةرداغم هذھ يتلا تاطوغضلاو تادیدھتلا
نوضرعتی اھل دقف قل ي البعض مصر َع مھ عم مھدلاوأ مھترسأو رحب يف
.جیرم رھنو ةجیإ
” ةصنم انتفصب نحن Chalk Broken “يف ادنلوھ( ) دیرن تفلن نأ
يتلا ملاظملا ىلإ راظنلأا درأ ماظن اھبكترا و ناغ ایكرت يف وأ اھجراخ
ببسب عمط ھ ةطلسلا يف ،ةضراعملا تاكسإ يف ھتبغرو ، و لك ھتیؤر
لجأ نم ةعورشم لئاسولا .يأرلا ھنوفلاخی نم ىلع ءاضقلا
لت ببسب ملاعلا نع ناغودرأ ماظن ھب ماق ام ًا و ُعز لقد تجردت تركیا تمام
يف ةیومد ةیحرسم نم 15 ویلوی/زومت 2016م، ب ھتحاطإو ةیطارقمیدلا
و ھلمكأب ملاعلا اھرقی يتلا ناسنلإا قوقح ، و ،ةیرحلاو ،نوناقلا ةدایس
ةلادعلاو . وتزداد یو ًم موی دعب ا ثبت يتلا تلامحلا نیب روفنلاو ةقرفلا
فایطأ يكرتلا بعشلا ی يذلا فلتخم راكفأو قورعو نایدأو تاغل مض ة .
لجأ نم اھملاعإو اھرداصمو اھتاناكمإ ةفاك ةلودلا لغتستف حور مدھ
الوحدة والترابط والتناغم بین أفراد المجتمع يكرتلا ىلع موادتو ، َّ ة و الأخو
َغ ھیف ، فبدلا
َ ْت ةوق نم طرفم لكشب مبال
الاھتمام ً من فعل ذلك بكل ما أوتی
نوركفی ،بعشلاو ةلودلا ةحلصمب مھ ةیصخشلا مھحلاصم يف طقف ، دقل
ملظلا ناولأ لجأ نم ةیرارمتسا نامض مھمكح لجأ نمو ، َ استباحوا جمیع
علاو داركلأا ىلع ةماتلا ةرطیسلا ةمدخلا ةكرحو نییلاربیللاو نییول .. و نم
ىرخأ ةیحان لغتسا دقف او اكمإ عیمج ةصاخلا تاسسؤملاو ةلودلا تان أی ًضا
لجأ نم نیشدت ملاعلاو ایكرت يف ةیئادع ةلمح عمجأ .ةمدخلا ةكرح دض
مھفئاظو يف نیحجانلا نیفظوملا نم ریبك رداك لصفب ناغودرأ ماظن ماق
بجومب ةفلتخملا ” يفسعتلا ئراوطلا موسرم ” ةموكحلا ھتردصأ يذلا ، دقل
ددع غلب نیلوصفملا يف نع دیزی ام ةماعلا حلاصملا 126. فظوم فلأ
و اوفرتعی مل ىتح م نیملعتملا نم فلالآا تارشعل ةایحلا قحب ءابطلأا ن
،نیماحملاو ،ةاضقلاو ،مومعلا باونلاو ،نیسدنھملاو ،نیحجانلا
َّاب، ،نینانفلاو
والدبلوماسیین، ورجال العلم، ورجال الدین، والكت
نییفرحلاو ،نییسایسلاو ، نیملعملاو ،نییمیداكلأاو ،نییضایرلاو ،
،بلاطلاو و اومدق نمم ةفلتخملا عمتجملا تاعاطق عیمج تاماھسإ ةمیظع
يف ةلودلل تخ ّص .اھنأش نم اوعفرو ،مھتاص
قلاغإ يفسعتلا ئراوطلا موسرم بجومب مت دق رخآ بناج نم 15، ةعماج
| و ،ا 848
و1056 و ،ةیوناثو ةیدادعإو ةیئادتبا ةسردم 980 مركًزا تعلیمی
ًا مطابقة للمواصفات ةیموكحلا
|ا نم مغرلا ىلع أنھا جمیع
ًا طلابی
ً الرسمیة وف
ا للقانون المعمول بھ. نع يلختلا مت ھنأ ىلإ ةفاضلإاب ُتحت طبق
ةیمیلعتلا تاسسؤملا هذھ يف نیلماعلا ،ةلاطبلل ةضرع اونوكیل غلبی نیذلاو
رثكأ مھددع 35 نم رثكأو ملعم فلأ 30 فظوم فلأ ، ءلاؤھ لوحت دقل
نمم اودقف مھفئاظو ةقلغملا ةیمیلعتلا تاسسؤملا يف ىلإ شیج ریبك نم
نیلطاعلا عیمج تضفر نأ دعب تاسسؤم ةصاخلا تاسسؤملاو ةلودلا
مھنییعت ، امك ترداص عیمج ةلودلا كلذكو ةقلغملا ةیمیلعتلا تاسسؤملا
نیلماعلا تاكلتمم اھب ، بناجبو اذھ لك ھ مت نامرح ءلاؤھ ءایربلأا
ةیعامتجلاا قوقحلا عیمج نم مھتلائاعو ق مھنأكو د ُحكم علیھم بالإعدام
ُغلقت نقابة ریوطت ،ةیمیلعتلا نھملا
يعامتجلاا ، وعلى إثر ذلك أی ًضا أ
باقنو ة نیملعملا .
عضخ ت ا ةیبلاغل مظعلا ى نم يفظوم قیقحتلل ةقلغملا ةیمیلعتلا تاسسؤملا
” مھنأ ةمھتب ءاضعأ ب ةیباھرإ ةمظنم “، فقد ُو لا يف اوعض ،يدارفنلاا سبح
قبو او ،لاقتعلاا نھر ةلیوط تارتفل لكشب مھیلع مكحو ينوناق ریغ .. هذھ
لإا و مھتناھإ ىلإ فدھت تابوقع يھ ةیفسعتلا تاءارج ىلع ءاضقلا
ملا ءلاؤھ نأ ىلع ةولاع ،عمتجملا نیع يف مھرابتعا اوضرعت دق نیمولظ
عتلا ىلإ ،ةفلتخملا تاكاھتنلااو بیذ ومغرأو ا ءاقبلا ىلع ددعب 40-50
شخ ًصا في زنزانات تسع 12 شخ ًصا فقط.. لماعملا هذھ ة يھ ةیمدلآا ریغ
ّن .ناسنلإا قوقحل
رج می ة إنسانیة وانتھاك بِی
ًا لإحصائیات وزارة لا ھنإف ةیكرتلا ةیلخاد تردص دق ةیئاضق تاقیقحت
نأشب 511 فلأ نطاوم ، نم رثكأ لاقتعاو 125 ءاضعأ مھنأ ةمھتب فلأ
.ةیباھرإ ةمظنم يف یلا دجاوتیو نم رثكأ مو 31 نوجسلا يف صخش فلأ ،
ةبارق كانھ امنیبو 11 ألف امرأة في السجون التركیة، فھناك أی ًضا 780
ًا يدایأ نیب نوربكی نجسلا يف مھتاھمأ مھتلوفط اوشیعی نأ نود .
تناك رخآ بناج نم تارباخملا ةزھجأ تایلمعب علطضت و بقعتلا ءافخلإا
يرسقلا نم دیدعل المواطنین وتعّر بیذعتلا ناولأ ىسقلأ مھض يف لخاد
اھجراخو ایكرت ، و لازی لا سانلا ءلاؤھ ضعب نیلوھجم ، اذھ ةفاضلإابو
ىلإ ل ةیبطلا ةیاعرلا ریفوت مدع نیباصملا ءانجسل ضارمأب دیدش ،ة
توملل مھضیرعتو . رظح امك ةموكحلا ت ریثكلل ایكرت جراخ جلاعلل رفسلا
،ناطرسلا ىضرم نم مھتوم يف ةلودلا تببستو .
دقل رداغلا بلاقنلاا امارد ببسب يكرتلا بعشلا نیب قافتلااو قافولا لتخا
يف 15 ویلوی/زومت نم لو ناغودرأ ماظن ةجھ ىلإ اوعدت يتلا سرغ
ھتاكرحتو ،بعشلا سوفن يف روفنلا ةیعمقلا ةیئادعلاو ةیقیرفتلاو
.ةیكیكفتلاو . دح ىلع ةلودلا يفو ضعبلا مھضعب يف ةقثلا سانلا دقف دقل
.ءاوس عفد ام اذھ مھرفس تازاوج ةلودلا ترداص نیذلا نونطاوملا
ًا إلى
مھنطوو مھتویب كرت ىلإ دلابلا جراخ مھرفس ترظحو للھجرة ھرب
فنك يف كانھ شیعلا لمأب ةیبورولأا لودلا ةیطارقمیدلاو ةیرحلا ، دقو
ریثكلا رسخ مھنم .قیرطلا يف مھتایح
لإا قوقحل ةیبورولأا ةمكحملاو ،ةدحتملا مملأا نم دیرن اننإ ،ناسن ناملربو
لاأ ملاعلا بوعش عیمجو ،ةیملاعلإا تاسسؤملاو ،يبورولأا داحتلاا
ًا من تاكاھتناو ،ایكرت يف ملظلا ماظن ،ناغودرأ
نأو اوتمصی یتخذوا موقف
هادادبتساو یف ببست يتلا ملاظملاو اھ ، ةدایس قیقحت نأب ةمات ةعانق ىلع اننإ
ل نوناقلا ن .يناسنلإا دضاعتلاو فتاكتلاب لاإ نوكی
” ةصنم انتفصب اننإ Chalk Broken تنن ” ظ و ربصلا غرافب ر لماك
يذلا مویلا لملأا اقع نویقیقحلا نوبنذملا ھیف لانیس أ مھتمكاحمو ،مھب مام
لا ملاظملا عیمج ىلع ةلداع مكاحم ذنم تشیع يت 15 ویلوی/زومت 2016م،
الصوت المناھض ًا إلى جانب و ءایربلأا ،نیمولظملا وسنظل دوم ًا إننا دائم
عمقلاو ملظلل داھطضلااو .
.ماعلا يأرلل ریدقتلاو مارتحلاا صلاخ عم
Broken Chalk